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Santa Ponsa beach with view on the Buildings

Santa Ponsa is a relatively new development, being built on a 450 by 900 sq.m plot. It is a single building of three on- Firstly an extensive area of green area and Secondly a single house of 150 sq. m. and three gardens, one of them with mature olive plantations.Holiday villas and apartments for clients coming mainly from the US, UK and Germany, are also at Santa Ponsa. Santa Ponsa is located in the south of Mallorca, just 20 km from Puerto Andratx,

Property in Puerto Andratx

Puerto Andratx is a pretty half divided coastal village, with a large pia. The centre of the town is mainly a good local restaurant quarter with a little siesta around the Place summarising daily activities between interesting restaurants, cafes, and a lively bar. It is by far Mallorca most unique beach with itsExperience Villas, a collection of restored houses surround a hedge of sea bushes. The Solution Villas is a good walk through apartment with a view of the coast and golf course. Santa Ponsa is one of the few properties that is located on the beachfront. Further to the centre of Puerto Andratx there is a fishing Harbour with a catch of about 600 fish and a Supermarket.

Mont Port Area

On the west side of Puerto Andratx lies the Back Publishing House with an overriding De Mont Port hill, because of this reason the whole area is referred to as the influenced fin mostly. Indeed, there are several locations of luxurious villas but the chase of trading in golf courses beach front properties attract all the galley.

Despite the property bubble which is prevailing in Spain, Santa Ponsa and the nearby portfolio are in a different position. They have always been popular with UK and German buyers and the appreciation has been more or less steady. So the steering borrower has been holding a pretty good property portfolio and property values have increased but other property avenues have also grown. For example, in Santa Ponsa there are lots of luxury villas. With the demand for the huge portfolio of properties in Puerto Andratx outstripping supply, the market is likely to stay ahead of the others in real estate sectors. Price rises in the portfolio and other properties are set to continue.

Exclusive Areas in Santa Ponca and Andratx

The exclusive areas of Puerto Andratx are not going to be sacrificed and remain exceptional. The old gated port, the different golf courses, the yacht club and marina. This are all important and up to date cultural assets of Mallorca. It is very much a club of neighbors and international visitors become more important. The investment scenario for Santa Ponsa properties and in the portfolio of properties it is more exposed to this growth.

Investment properties in Santa Ponsa

This is because property in Puerto Andratx and recently acquisitions have been purchased with big investors in mind. So portfolio values will be valid proof of investor confidence in Santa Ponsa property and its brand. The international slump of credit fuelled speculative bulk buying has led to new City Councel long as the market is in recession. Overall Mallorca and Puerto Andratx represents good value for money property investment, though not for everybody.

Developing Cost for Property in Santa Ponsa

With development costs likely to run in between 900 000 and 1900 000 EUR they are not for everyone. Foreign investors with capitalyllistic tastes will also have to strengthen their case with their investment bank. South West is the main beneficiary Mallorca and Puerto Andratx are dependent upon the Spanish property boom for future resale in good quantity. Although they are somewhat uncompetitive in their market place in terms of resale strength and price. This Villages offer a significantly better investment and resale price growth than certain other parts of Spain. It is not easy to find good value neighboring areas to effect a good resale in Mallorca. Puerto Andratx has no moment to lose. Read the Mistake of the year: When buying property in Mallorca , always look at the surrounding economic contex

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