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Beautiful bay with sailing yacht on Mallorca island, Spain

The balearic island Mallorca

The island of Mallorca, also known as Majorca or Málaga (In Spanish and Catalan, Mallorca) is an extremely popular holiday destination for tourists from all over Europe. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, the remarkable monasteries, Gothic and Moorish architecture, restaurants and many other attractions.

The three islands

The three islands – Es Trenc and Ciutadella – are situated just off the coast of the larger island, Majorca. Historically, Mallorca is known for its fishing business. There are many fishermen’s cottages scattered around the island, many of them built by the Byzantines, and some still quaintly standing although they are lonely by comparison with the cities. The beaches are excellent, but it is worth remembering that bathing was once illegal. The law was relaxed in 1863, and since then bathing has always been allowed in public places. Es Tras basse (Basque Square) is great for finding street markets, and you can also visit the town hall or even see Ganaches Playa de Venus, an arcaded garden in the middle of town.

The ancient monastery of Santa Maria

The ancient monastery of Santa Maria ndri appeared very old when built in the 13th century, although it was substantially rebuilt at least a century later. A number of the beautiful tiles were lost during the rebuilding, and a number of them were restored in situ. There are many gardens and spacious promenades to explore in the old town of Mallorca. In particular, look for: • The Botanical Garden, • The Concert Hall, • The Cultural Centre, • The dock area, • Esplanada, • The square with the Bishop’s Palace, and • Palacio de la Almudena, The Botanical Garden is mountainous, and has amazing panoramic views. The gardens also have many trees and plants all of which are protected by law.

The Concert Hall

The Concert Hall, built in the early 20th century, is rather more modern in its architecture. In fact, its design is quite similar to those of the new Palau de Musica, in Barcelona. The Cultural Centre has large cafés and rooms to accommodate large crowds. This is also the location of perhaps the biggest concert hall in Europe, and this Symphony Hall is Carnegie in its influence. The Palacio de la Almudena is the main square of the city. This is also the place to find the new Palacio de la Almudena. Designed by Santiago Calatrava, which is housing a concert hall and galleries.

Churches of Mallorca

Finally, take a look at the churches of Sant Jordi and Sant Pere. They are two of the most important churches of Mallorca. Getting around Mallorca of course, the easiest way to get around is to hire a car. Or use at least let a limousine or taxi take you around. If you don’t have a car, and don’t want to travel far. You can still enjoy all the city has to offer. Take note that scooters are not permitted in the old town, so you’ll want to either take a tram to the “end” of the city, or better yet, find a public bus. Instead of renting a car, though, why not use a local taxi? They are more affordable, but of course, you will have to sit on the back. You’ll also have to give up the right of way, if a driver is trying to avoid you.

Mallorca Old Town

Due to road construction, the old city hasn’t been around for long, so the paths may be unfamiliar to the driver. In addition, the driver might not speak much English. If you have the money to use a more comfortable means, you can take a organized sightseeing tour. Several companies offer tours that will take in all of the more popular attractions. You will be driven around the city, and you can choose between a traditional, or more modern tour. To get the most out of your stay, you might consider finding aMallorca hotelthat offers a pool. By allowing a pool to function as a focal point for the neighborhood, you can smooth out the stress of getting around. You can forget about late nights out, and be able to take a vacation that will rejuvenate you.

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